Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Garage Efficiency

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Home garages are normally being used for more than just parking the car in. In fact, many people will use it completely for storage while parking the vehicle outside. In addition, some households bid large families will have an extra refrigerator in the garage as well. Other uses the people seem to exploit the garage for is servicing their vehicles, band practices, and more! Because of these potential uses of a garage, there are many things to consider in order to take advantage of the space in an efficient and comfortable way.

Most residential homes with a garage, will have it integrated as part of the house construction rather than as an external part. Therefore, proper insulation is very important. There are many construction standards that are implemented by the state and a garage that is an integral part of the house should not be any different. It should withstand any higher standards set by the state when it comes to insulation. That is why a garage door which acts as a large entrance to the garage should have a decent weatherproof and insulation material.

Getting the most efficiency from your garage door when it comes to weatherproofing, would have to start with putting an emphasis on weatherstripping. Good insulation and weatherstripping tactics will insure that no cold air will enter your home through the door accessing your house from the garage when it opens and closes frequently.

If you have a unit controlling the temperature inside the garage, it is recommended keeping it in an average temperature of maximum 60 degrees even during the winter. Maintaining such temperature will help eliminate any humidity that may be formed due to several factors such as wood being stored for fireplaces, snow on the vehicle that will melt, and others.

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If you one of these people that like to work on their vehicle inside the garage or do some other activities, lighting is also an important factor in making your garage space more efficient and comfortable. In order to properly light the garage, it is recommended using at least to light fixture in one meter each at least with fluorescent lights. Some people prefer to have natural light to come inside the garage in which adding small windows to your garage door would be a good solution. In addition, there are many stylish garage doors in the market that not only come with small windows built in but also may add some style to your home.

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