Friday, June 19, 2015

Garage Door Maintenance

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When it comes to maintaining a garage door, most people tend neglect. There are no particular skills required in order to properly maintain a garage door system, and even the average person can do this type of maintenance. Maintaining a garage door system is very simple and is done buy lubricating all the moving parts.

Before attempting to maintain a garage door system by yourself, there are few things to prepare beforehand such as a small ladder, rags for the purpose of cleaning old grim and dirt from moving parts, a bottle of lubrication oil or special silicone, and last but not least, protective glasses. Before starting, it is safe to check your garage door manual for any maintenance recommendation procedures that might be needed to your particular garage door.

In order to properly track all the system's moving parts, you can operate the door while observing all the parts and accessories that are functioning while you open and close the garage door. After confirming everything in the system that needs lubrication, it is time to begin.

Before attempting to lubricate any moving part, it is essential to first clean the area from all grim and dirt that has been accumulated during time. Although it is important to clean all the moving parts before lubrication, it is not required to clean them to the point they will be spotless. Just simply remove all surface dirt, dust, and webs.

Now it is finally the time to begin the lubrication process of all moving parts including the track. Both the garage door and the track will have moving parts that will require attention. Using the safety glasses for this step is very important to avoid any lubricant  from getting into your eyes. While lubricating all the moving parts of the garage door, it is important not to forget the springs and hinges as well.

Once the lubrication task is done, it is time to let the lubricant to fully penetrate all moving parts by operating the garage door opening and closing it several times. After you concluded the process, it is important to clean and lubrication excess to avoid any dirt buildups in the future.

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Now that the door is finished, its time to move over to the track where the ladder will be needed. For the purpuse of cleaning the track, the garage door would need to stay open. The parts that you want to pay attention to are the rollers which is what you will need to lubricate and not the actual track. When the garage door will be operated, the rollers will do the job of lubricating the rest of the track as they ride along it.

When it comes to a garage door system maintenance, it is important to repeat the process at least every few months to prolong the life of the system. However, if that is something you prefer a professional will do, you may visit Premier Garage Door Repair in Spokane.